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Inc.5000 2007 Honoree Company (Fastest Growing)
About FootPath

FootPath, Inc. was founded in August 2000 with a vision to that the information access, power and control will propagate from Desktop/Internet to mobile handheld devices. We envisioned individuals walking on the footpath (sidewalk) using their mobile phones searching information and buying products. FootPath provides Internet/Mobile Converged Applications, Outsourcing and IT Staffing Services Worldwide through its offices in US, Italy and India. FootPath is headquartered in Waltham, MA about 20 miles west of Boston in USA. FootPath was honored "Inc 5000" as the Fastest 5000 growing company in United States by Inc. Magazine". (

FootPath Provides following services:

Our industry/business knowledge, deep technology expertise, project/risk management methodology, extremely competitive pricing and full commitment to client satisfaction are key reasons why FootPath, Inc. is a first choice for many US companies. Over 50% of FootPath, Inc. full-time employees are ex-MIT, ex-IIT or ex-DCE graduates with at least a Master's degree in CS/EE or Business Administration.

FootPath�s launched its product "SecureGURU" in 2003 to help strengthen corporations by avoiding attacks and improving employee preparedness during a disaster. SecureGURU provides platform to educate employees about threats, reporting, response, corporate policies and human resources related topics. SecureGURU comes bundled with many enterprise security education content (interactive with QNA and animated), which include topics such as: Identity Theft, Virus Attack, Bio-terror Attack, Corporate Information Theft etc. SecureGURU communicates the content through Intelligent Screen Saver, Intranet Server, Content Delivery/Tracking Tool, or using a browser. This helps corporations to communicate & track viewing of important security alerts to all employees world-wide. Within Security Awareness Solutions, we focus on two important factors:

  1. Security Education is a continuous task; Enterprises must constantly invest to educate employees of new threats and security policies through dynamic and personalized enterprise specific content.
  2. Evaluation and audit of Security Processes (Education, Monitoring, Identification, Notification, Defense, Policies) and Disaster Recovery Processes.

FootPath's SecureGURU product provides theme based security education, Desktop Breach Notification and notification. FootPath's cost-effective programs generate improved ROI on security investments, and provide the assurance that organizations can confidently and safely pursue their technology-based initiatives.

FootPath,Inc. is a privately held Chapter-C Corporation incorporated under the laws of Delaware, USA. FootPath is profitable as of 2003, well funded by its founders and steadily growing. FootPath's founders and management team have had over 20 years experience in IT Solutions/Services business and a track record of building strong business. FootPath founders have previously built one of the fastest-50 (netGuru Systems, Inc. NASDAQ:NGRU) growing companies in US in 1999 and listed on the NASDAQ market. Our team has a deep passion and is committed to creating & delivering lasting business value to its customers.

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